Gift Ideas for Handcrafted Crosses – Iphone 4 Cases (Example)

Gift Ideas – Handcrafted Studded Cross Cases (Example)

Lets gets started with the best and brightest cross cases available on our site. Down below is our Black & White Diamante Cross iPhone 4 Cases available for $19.99.

Diamante Cross on White & Black iPhone 4 Cases

If you want something a little more sturdy then the following cases are just for you.
The two cases below are bronze colored studded cross cases available on Teal and a Pink & Red Floral both for $12.99.

Bronze-Colored Cross on Teal iPhone 4 Case Bronze-Colored Studded Cross on Pink Floral iPhone 4 Case

Here’s a regular Steel Studded Cross on Black for 9.99. Nothing to fancy but theres nothing wrong with that.
Steel Studded Cross on Black iPhone 4 CaseTo finish off this gift list, the Leopard Gold-Colored Studded Cross is something special that’ll punch up your case with a bounch of personality. This case is available for $13.99. Click on any of the images to go the product pages.
Gold-Colored Studded Cross on Leopard iPhone 4 Case

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